Games and Exercises - Flash fix

Due to changes in recent versions of Flash player, to use the Games & Exercises, you may need to make a change to your Flash Player security settings.

 Via control panel (Windows)

  1. Open the Control Panel (Start Menu > Control Panel)
  2. Open the “Flash Player” item in Control Panel
  3. Click on the “Advanced” tab screen-1.png
  4. Click on “Trusted Location Settings....”screen-2.png
  5. Click “Add…”
  6. Click “Add folder…”
  7. Browse to the correct folder for the program, and click OK - e.g. for OALD 8, browse via: C: > Program Files (x86) > Oxford > OALD8
  8. Click “Confirm”
  9. Close the Control panel
  10. Close and re-open Flash content

Via browser:

 Open this link to access Flash Player’s Global Security Settings: this will open a webpage with a settings panel in it - see screen 1 below

  1. Add the chosen installation location of the dictionary to the trusted locations - click on the “Edit locations…” menu
  2. Click “Add location…”
  3. It’s probably easiest to copy the location of the CD install and paste it into the “Trust this location” box, then click “Confirm” - see Screen 2 below
  4. The result should then look like screen 3 below, with the location the user has chosen



Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 3



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