Can I get a discount on OALD9 if I already own OALD8? How?

Existing users of our OALD8 Android apps purchased from Google Play (Oxford Advanced Learner’s 8 and Oxford Advanced Learner’s A-Z+) can upgrade to the new OALD9 app at a discount.

You will need to have your OALD8 app installed on your device to buy OALD9 at the discounted price. You will also need to have updated to the very latest version of OALD8 available as this will contain migration support.

In order to reinstall a previously purchased copy of OALD8 and to receive your discount, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Google Play > My apps & games > All
  2. Find your previously purchased OALD8 app and reinstall it
  3. Open the new OALD9 app where you will now be offered the discount on the OALD9 in-app purchase. (You may need to force quit and restart the app, or tap the Restore Purchase button, for the discount to appear.)

Once you have purchased OALD9, you can remove the OALD8 app if you wish.


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