Why is there a new OALD app? What is the difference between the OALD8 and OALD9 apps?

The OALD apps available in Google Play before (Oxford Advanced Learner’s 8 and Oxford Advanced Learner’s A-Z+) contained content from the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 8th edition (OALD8). The new OALD app (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dict), available in Google Play now, contains content from the new Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 9th edition (OALD9).

The new OALD9 Android app has:

  • Over 185,000 words, phrases and meanings
  • 900 new words and meanings, such as selfie, defriend and upcycle
  • new Express yourself notes – find the right words and expressions for everyday situations
  • new Wordfinder notes – look up meeting and find agenda, convene, chair
  • new Practise your pronunciation – listen to the words in British or American English, record your own voice and play it back to compare
  • integrated Google Voice Search © to look up words easily, as well as Look up from clipboard and Find on page options
  • improved Favourites – learn lists of related vocabulary with pre-loaded folders, create both folders and subfolders, sort your Favourites alphabetically or by date, and export your Favourites and History lists
  • a completely new design – navigate the app more quickly and easily
  • tablet optimization – use OALD more easily on your Android tablet


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