OALD 9 DVD doesn't launch on Windows

If your OALD 9 DVD fails to launch on Windows, please update the .exe file to see if this solves the problem:

1. Open the folder 'C:\Program Files\OALD9\' (If you also have a folder ‘c:\Program Files (x86)’ you may need to look there instead)
2. Rename the 'oald9.exe' to 'oald9.exe.OLD' in the folder above. (Right-click on this executable and go down to 'rename'.)
3. Download this file: https://d1o7bviwg2yey3.cloudfront.net/oald9/OALD9_DVD_fix_2015-04/OALD9.exe into the folder 'C:\Program Files\OALD9\'
4. Ensure the original OALD 9 DVD is in your DVD drive
5. Start the new 'oald9.exe'

If the problem persists, please send an analysis file of the new 'oald9.exe' to us. Instructions on how to generate this analysis file can be found here: https://support.securom.com/diaghelp/analysis2.html

Please send us a message at eltdict.help@oup.com if you see any error messages, and let us know at what point things go wrong, and describe what you see on screen (or send us a screenshot).


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