iWriter: dictionary lookup fails, looks up a single letter

In some situations, double-clicking on a word to look it up in the iWriter will only look up the first letter of that word. For example, you double-click on "eagle", but the word "e" is looked up.


You will need administrator rights to apply the following patch.


Make sure the OALD9 application and iWriter are closed before following these instructions.


Download controller.js from: 




  1. Open Windows Explorer

  2. Go into the C:\Program Files (x86) directory. If this does not exist, open  C:\Program Files

  3. Go into Oxford directory

  4. Go into OALD9

  5. Go into iWriter

  6. go into bin
  7. Go into www

  8. Go into scripts

  9. Replace controller.js with the new version you have downloaded

Mac OS X

Download controller.js

  1. Open the Finder

  2. Go into /Applications

  3. Go into iWriter

  4. Go into www

  5. Go into scripts

  6. Replace controller.js with the new version you have downloaded


Reopen your OALD9 application and iWriter. Now when you are creating a project in My Writing you will be able to double-click on words that you write to look them up in the dictionary.


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